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Сервис продажи авторского
цифрового контента
$ 300.000
Аренда профессиональной
$ 200.000

Набор инструментов для работы с аудиторией на мобильных устройствах
$ 150.000

About us

Александр Сорока
Founder & CEO
Юлия Смелая
Event manager

Дмитрий Кузьменко
Руководитель отдела инвестиций
Вячеслав Подлесный
Руководитель отдела кредитования
Анна Простакова
Редактор раздела Тематическое Чтиво
Вадим Бурлаков
Руководитель интернет-проекта
Алексей Жабский
Руководитель партнёрской сети Startup.Network


Даниил Тонкопий

Founder & CEO, Delfast


Всегда рекомендую платформу Startup Network. Здесь реально помогут запустить ваш проект с минимальными вложениями, причем, как небольшой бизнес, так и нацеленный на завоевание мирового рынка. Денег хватит всем :) 

Роман Белкин

CEO, Cardiomo


Startup.Network – отличный инструмент для привлечения инвестиций. Рекомендую эту платформу всем молодым предпринимателям. К примеру, я презентовал здесь свой проект и получил положительный результат!

Андрей Булавинов

CEO, Mymobstr


Startup.Network – это очень важная веха для нашего стартапа. Можно даже сказать - переломная. Молодым проектам просто необходим такой сервис, который помогает упрочить веру в свою идею, отшлифовать её и донести до пользователей.


For authorization in portal
use your valid
account on the social network
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America - a country-leader in the investment business. Each year, donors replenish the coffers of the US 20% of GDP, and it is in a difficult economic situation. Today in the United States as a whole and throughout the world, many aspire to start their own business. However, if a search for a business idea for novice businessman, as a rule, there is no problem, it's at the stage of implementation difficulties arise. Not everyone can be beneficial to "sell" the project investor.

However, the lucky who managed to get funding for their innovation projects insist - conditions that must meet the start-up to a successful search for investment in the US is simple:

- The idea should be described in as much just to fit into one sentence. Because you never know under what conditions will be able to meet with the investor. And if you happen to come across with the right person to you in the elevator, or in line at the supermarket cashier - just a few minutes you need to attract attention;

- Availability of documents (Executive summary, Project presentation, Business plan), which will clearly and precisely painted design, business model, information about the team, product and financial results;

- You should clearly and convincingly explain to the investor why he should invest their money is in your startup, and when he will be able to make a profit.

And the most important thing in the eyes should be on fire - investors are more willing to give preference to a strong team, with not the most innovative idea or insufficiently elaborated business plan, because developers will be able to have lessons learned to create something different.

Investments in start-ups

If you have an innovative idea or already existing business, but really do not have enough funding, we will help you find it. Startup.Network - a platform that allows entrepreneurs with ideas and business plans may find investments.

Through our portal you can:

- Attract private investment for the project;

- To receive all necessary information on the startup project and the prospects for its development;

-Find an investment project with certain parameters.

And also, if you want to profitable to sell their business expert advice of our managers will help you in this. With Startup.Network you can write a good business plan and other necessary for communication with the investor documentation.

The possibilities for the entrepreneur

Our experts are in contact with a variety of investors, not only in America but also beyond, and therefore you have a wonderful opportunity to present themselves to the world. Business angels and venture capital funds sidfondy today are willing to finance the implementation of profitable ideas to do this, just need to fill out an application & nbsp; searching investment.

Convenient investment Startup.Network platform interface will allow you to submit a complete and understandable information about your project, and then fall into the completed application form base of investment projects.

opportunity for investors

Our resource contains all the best and most promising projects of America. You can & nbsp; search request projects, specifying priorities for the region, industry, type of activity, the volume of investment. The representative of the & nbsp; Startup.Network & nbsp; will compare your requirements with start-ups available in the database, and pick the most suitable option for you.

The platform also allows you to familiarize yourself with all the projects in & nbsp; based investment projects and look for the most attractive investments for startup funds.

If you are planning to invest more than 100 thousand USD - need to send us a request to & nbsp; personal selection of projects. Representatives of the & nbsp; Startup.Network & nbsp; to help you the best way to distribute the funds among several American companies.