In our database: 12788 Startups and investment projects, 2184 loan (credit) applications, 4160 business (shares) for sale


Service of the author's Digital content
$ 300,000
A set of tools for mobile audiences
$ 150,000
Express delivery service on electric bicycles for 1 hour
$ 40,000


About us

Alexander Soroka
Founder & CEO
Julia Smila
Event manager

Dmitriy Kuzmenko
Head of Investment Department
Vyacheslav Podlesniy
Head of Credit Department
Evgeniy Zhygliy
Head of IT Department
Alexey Zhabsky
Partner Network Coordinator


Daniil Tonkopiy

Founder & CEO, Delfast


I always recommend the Startup Network platform. It really helps to run your project with minimal investment, no matter if you have a small business or a business aimed at conquering the global market. There’s enough of money for everyone! :)

Roman Belkin

CEO, Cardiomo


Startup.Network is an excellent tool for attracting investments. I recommend this platform to all young entrepreneurs. For example, I posted my project here and scored some positive results!

Andrey Bulavinov

CEO, Mymobstr


Startup.Network is a very important milestone for our startup. You can even say - a turning point. Young projects simply need a service that helps build confidence in their idea, polishes it and brings it to the users.


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Startup.Network is an international internet platform which unites Venture Capital market participants and helps

  • Entrepreneurs - to raise pre-seed and seed equity rounds

  • Investors - to find outstanding startups

  • Professionals - to monetize their knowledge, experience and network

And now we have more than 10,000 startups and investment projects from 55 countries on our platform.

Historically, we have different types of offline activities. One of them is Startup Battle. Also, we hold monthly educational event SN101, where we teach entrepreneurs how to build a startup and raise equity capital. Our program is based on approaches, described in the books written by Steve Blanc, Alex Osterwalder and of course Vitaly Golomb.

Additionally, every month, we hold Investor’s Club meetings in the “Business Dinner” format, where business angels can network, discuss their stories of success and syndicate for opportunities.

And at last, but not least, in december 2016 we started startup show “You will (not) succeed”, where entrepreneurs have to prove the opposite to the board of experts. We’ve made 3 episodes already, and you can find them on Youtube or Facebook.

And in every city with more than 1 million people, we are now looking for a business partner who is ready to invest his time and money in the creating the local network and making business together with us.

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