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Chekkit/AfricaCDC Covid19 USSD help center

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Chekkit is a blockchain based product distribution chain tracking software to combat counterfeits and gain consumer insights.

We leverage our consumer intelligence solution to provide a covid19 USSD help center service:

How it works -
When you dial *347*03*03# in Nigeria, you can instantly:

1. Sign up yourself or a loved one to receive daily SMS updates and alerts from the Africa CDC

2. Request a Covid19 test

3. Take a quick survey and get FREE airtime

4. Play the Covid19 quiz and win airtime for correct answers

The platform is available to ALL NETWORKS

Current Status

1. Printing 10 million security labels for anti-fake services, arrives Nigeria end of May

2. Launch covid19 USSD service in Nigeria 1 week ago. Within 48 hours we organically reached 10,000 unique phone numbers, 51,000 USSD page views and 700+ daily Covid19 alert sign ups.

3. Partnered with Africa CDC and GIZ to fund project with $5000 to reach 20,000 people

4. We have accumulated data to supply to NCDC to help scale up testing with mined data to identify people with alarming symptoms and then trace people they've been in touch with.


For the covid19 case, we are primarily targeting Nigeria and 9 other African countries where we already have technology and infrastructures need to scale operations. Countries include, kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ivory coast, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa and Ghana

Target is to reach 5,000,000 people in 3 months


A World bank data published in the Oxford business group report-Nigeria 2017, reports that the estimate of total spending on Consumer packaged goods in Africa hit $377bn in 2013 with a CAGR of 23.4%. This puts the FMCG space as the most buoyant industry in Africa and represents Africa’s best revenue generating sector. Today Nigeria alone brings in more than 25% of the revenue in this sector.
In addition there are over 1200 pharmaceutical and FMCG producers & distributors in Nigeria and Ghana with a 40% market penetration our market value borders around $475mn a year if an average of 300,000 Chekkit labels are scanned per month.
Anti-Counterfeit Packaging global Market size is projected to reach USD 215.70 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 8.2%.

Problem or Opportunity

We have partnered with AfricaCDC to solve the following challenges

1. Public misinformation leading to panic and those without an internet connection are even more cut off
2. Scaling up tests to cover more areas and persons
3. No data on how the populace are reacting to news on the virus in real time as events unfold 

Solution (product or service)

Our Solution:
A public engagement platform which allows decision makers engage to connect directly with the public using USSD (Chekkit’s Consumer Intelligence Solution).

How will it work?
For the Public: See detailed process flow here
Anyone in the public dials a USSD shortcode (*347*03*03#) and are provided with options to:
- Sign up for daily Covid19 alerts and alerts are sent as SMS and USSD push notification
- Report a suspected case of Covid19, Request for a Covid19 test and get a follow up from health agents
- Take selfcare and Covid19 related surveys
- Participate in Covid19 quizzes to test their knowledge and level of information
- Get instant airtime for participating in surveys and quizzes

Chekkit's original product and services

Chekkit solves this challenge through a blockchain secured tracking system leveraging USSD, barcode and anti-counterfeit QR scan technology to automate data collection, address inventory/assets status tracking, brand protection, consumer intelligence and end-to-end distribution transparency.

Products & features
We offer our solutions via two (2) platforms;
1. Consumer Intelligence (CI) - This is a solution for product anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and real-time market insights. This tool will always help you gain ROI for all your promotional/marketing and brand protection spends.
Features -
Product authentication - Create unique identities for products, stores or marketing agents using Chekkit QR, RFID or PIN labels
Create Surveys - Engage your customers via USSD or web application anywhere and anytime at point of purchase
Instant rewards - For experience activations, distribute instant airtime or track distribution of your promotional merchandise.
Market Insights - Chekkit dashboards provides you with detailed analytics and insights from infield product authentication and surveys
Retarget Marketing - Consumer data acquired like phone numbers can be retargeted via direct SMS and whatsapp messaging
2. Supply chain tracking platform - This is a solution for product distribution and inventory or asset tracking. This tools helps you save time on stock taking, prevents stock outs and ensures end-to-end transparency on all product distribution chain processes. We leverage QR and RFID labels, computer vision via scanning technologies (Artificial intelligence) with your business or sensitive data secured and logged on the distributed ledger network of dedicated nodes.


We are in the covid19 USSD service mainly help scale up testing and use our labels to validate authentic test kit in collaboration with government and private entities.


Among several competitors here are the key competitors :
1. - Africa focused - $10mn annual revenue
2. - Africa focused - $1mn annual revenue
3. - USA focused - $10mn annual revenue
4. - Africa/Asia -$50mn revenue
5. -Africa/Europe - $1mn revenue

Advantages or differentiators

We are currently being supported by the Africa CDC, African Union and GIZ with a plan to roll out across Africa in Phase 2.

Our unique selling points is the advanced level of insights/intelligence we provide from consumer data, client historic data processing and the data science component of the solution.
Also, our products are decompressible into Application Programming Interfaces which enables easy plug-in into popular Enterprise Resources Planning tools (SAGE, SAP, Oracle etc.) that our clients primarily use to manage their processes from supply chain to marketing.


Nigeria budget - 1,000,000 people
Ussd cost per dial - 0.069
SMS - 0.014
Airtime give-away - 0.14
Users - 1000000
Monthly subscription per country - 300
USSD Integration with Telco - 10000
USSD dedicated license fees and administrative fee - 1500

Budget estimate NGN 107115250.00
USD (@360 NGN/1 $) 275,000

10 African countries
Ussd cost per dial 0.09
SMS per unit 0.04
Airtime give-away 0.14
Users 5000000
Monthly subscription per country 500
USSD Dedicated code application fees per country 1000
USSD Integration with Telco per country 5000
USSD dedicated license fees and administrative fee per country 2400

Grand total $4,239,000

Business model

On the Covid19 USSD project we make about 50% profit per USSD dial, 25% per SMS and 2% per airtime give away.


We serve our clients (Pharmaceutical producers) our 2 main products:
1. Consumer Intelligence:
Price per label - $0.05
Price per label Authentication - USSD - $0.07 QR Scan - $0.05
SetUp cost (one-time fee) - $1000
Monthly dashboard maintenance fee - $500
NO charges to consumers.$0

2. Supply Chain product :
Price per label - $1.0
Handheld Authentication device - $500
SetUp cost (one-time fee) - $1500
Monthly license fee - $100 per driver tracked

Money will be spent on

Covid19 USSD project

58% USSD service
30% Airtime distribution
10% Daily SMS alerts
2% Marketing

Inventions and product - 60%
Operations and Administration - 20%
Marketing and Sales - 20%

Offer for investor

1. Access to refined and mined data insights collected from the general public
2. Featuring your product/services on the USSD menu
3. Profit sharing (negotiable)

Team or Management


1. Charges on end users to use service. We are currently solving that by working with NITDA and NCC to get a post-paid service across all networks as we currently have with MTN in Nigeria.

2. Data privacy and violation but we consider approval steps in the USSD process to ensure people give their consent for any personal data we collect and we communicate publicly how these data is been used.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

Participated in Facebook Accelerator in Nigeria 2019/20
Participated in Merck Accelerator 2020

Won the competition and other awards

National nominee for Best digital healthcare solution in Nigeria - World summit award.
Finalist at Umdasch (WSA) competition - 2019/2020


Filed patents for our consumer intelligence technologies

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